Halo Bali Spa Sanur Services

Our finest natural ingredients and our well trained massage therapists will be at your services to create a harmony for your body and mind.

  • Halo Bali Natural Spa (120 Minutes)
    Package Price 65.00 USD/person Book Now

    Halo Bali Spa Sanur

    The traditional massage that using a natural material from Lavender, Jasmine and Chocolate Oil, included natural scrubbing the all body, will make your skin feel younger and make your skin shining.

    - Free Drink ( Ginger Tea, Hot Coffee or Cold Soft Drink )
    - Foot Bath with Tropical Flower
    - Traditional Massage with Oil ( Lavender, Rose or Jasmine )
    - Natural Lulur Body Scrub ( Green Tea or Chocolate Scrub )
    - Milk Bath with Flower Bath
    - Shower Bath with essential soap & shampoo
    - VIP Room with Air Conditioner

  • Aroma Therapy (120 Minutes)
    Package Price 50.00 USD/person Book Now

    Halo Bali Spa Sanur

    The full body massage with natural material from Lavender, Jasmine or Chocolate Oil only, will make you skin feel younger and relaxation.

    - Free Drink ( Ginger Tea, hot Coffee or Cold Soft Drink )
    - Foot Bath with Tropical Flower
    - Traditional Massage with Aroma Essential Oil
    - Shower Bath with essential Soap & Shampoo
    - Standard Room with Air Conditioner

  • Four Hand Signature (150 Minutes)
    Package Price 110.00 USD/person Book Now

    A Four Hands Massage can be like experiencing two full body clients body as form canvas, on the which they choreograph slow, detailed moves expensive than other forms of massage, since two therapist much be compensated for their time and skill. Four Hand Spa good improve blood circulation, increase the blood flow on two separate parts of the body while, doing by two therapist simultaneously to prevent cold, flu, chills, malaria, typhod skin disease, included allergy, related skin infecstation.

    - Herbal Foot Bath
    - Four Hand Massage with 2 therapist using ginseng oil.
    - Herbal full body scrub
    - Face Massage with cold stone
    - Seaweed Full Body Mask
    - Herbal Bath with Ginseng Tea
    - Shower Bath


  • Coconut Lime Spa (120 Minutes)
    Package Price 85.00 USD/person Book Now

    Balinese coconuts in Indonesia are well-known for their high quality word-wide. This febulous coconut in Bali contain beautifuly sweet juice that are not only great for drinking but also to spoil your skin. Halo Bali locally pick fresh coconut and directly hand-produce essencial oil and other skin treatments such as moisturizing cream, skin scrub and body mask. Coconut oil has so much benefit for our skin, especially for acnes and anti-aging. Especially the Deep Tissue Massage, which is one of the three best skin treatments in the world, will blow your any stress you might have encounter during travelling.

    - Foot bath with Coconut Water
    - Natural Coconut Oil Deep Tissue Massage
    - Full Body Coconut Scrub & Body Mask
    - Facial with Coconut Essence
    - Coconut Milk Bath and Juice
    - Shower Bath

  • Tropical Fruit Body Wrap Spa (120 Minutes)
    Package Price 80.00 USD/person Book Now

    Natural Tropical Fruit Body Wrap is Halo Bali's one of the most famous spa treatments. This luxurious spa treatment is using fresh local tropical fruits is Bali such as strawberries, avocados and dragon fruits and they offer rich essencial acids, vitamins and super anti-oxindants. These are very strong anti angin substances is tropical fruits that destress our skin by empowering blood vessels in our skin. Halo Bali's Natural Tropical Fruit Body Wrap will rejuvinate your skin and make you glow !

    You can have one choice of fruit for your treatment at a time : strawberry avocado and dragon fruits.


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