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  • Daily Course - 1 Day Indian Head Massage (7 Hours)
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    Join our Indian Head Massage Course with expert teachers who will provide a comprehensive and professional training for you in Bali.

    Indian Head Massage is a healing practiced has been practiced for thousands of years in India. Infants are massaged daily until the age of 3 and twice weekly until the age of 7. They will then be taught the techniques and will b encouraged to use it within their family. Various oils like coconut, sesame, mustard, almond and herbal oils are used throughout the year according to the session.

    Indian Head Massage assist to relieve build up tension that can often result in headaches, migraines, neck and back pain. It works to release any blocked negative energy in the body that may manifest itself as disease or injury in any of the chakras. It does so by applying pressures to certain points in the neck, shoulder and head that correspond to each chakra. When the energy flows freely, one can achieve optimum health and wellbeing. Indian Head massage also helps to keep the hair lustrous, shiny and healthy.

    This One Day Massage Course training at Jamu Spa School will equip you philosophy, knowledge and skill to conduct a full Indian Head Massage treatment. You will learn about the history and benefits of Indian Head Massage, techniques used including practical sessions, knowing your clients body type and providing individualized treatment for each clients. This course forms a good base for other head treatment such as Jamu Traditional Hair Creambath and compliment Ayurvedic Shirodara treatment.

    includes: Training Material, Lunch & Certificate.

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