Kunthi Bali Spa Jimbaran Packages

With a professional and experience theraphists in your treatment will give you an excellent therapy care for refresh your mind and body.

  • Honey Beauty Sensation (3.5 Hours)
    Package Price 102.00 USD/person Book Now

    This massage uses the combination of honey and aromatherapy essential oil to discharges the excess salf from the body, to help promote cell regeneration and growth and increase metabolism. It is performed by using honey starting from honey bath, cream bath and facial to the end. You can enjoy a moment of luxury using 100% Balinese pure natural honey that excellent ingredients for the beauty including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other essential nutrients.

    Package included treatment :
    Foot wast - Body wast
    (90 min) Honey Massage
    (30 min) Warm Stone Massage or Honey Milk Scrub
    (30 min) Honey Lemon Bath with Shower
    (60 min) Honey Creambath or Honey Facial Treatment
    Drink & Gift

  • Detox Lymph Body Recovery (4 Hours)
    Package Price 135.00 USD/person Book Now

    Lymphatic massage performed by using the famous traditional Balinese essential oil "BOKASHI". This massage can help you romove body wastes and relieve stiffness and fatigue. Traditional Balinese herbs can warm your body, encouraging your body to remove toxins and discharge body wastes.

    This package is very effective for fatique relief.
    Package included treatment :

    Foot Wash - Body Wash
    (90 min) Detox Lymph Massage
    (30 min) Herbal Bali Massage
    (30 min) Ear Candle or Shirodara
    (30 min) Organic Herbal Bath with Shower
    (60 min) Creambath
    Meal & Drink & Gift

  • Healing Abiasa (5 Hours)
    Package Price 150.00 USD/person Book Now

    Kunthi Bali Spa's most popular spa menu. The warm oil is massaged into the body ot penetrate into the skin. Then, the massage performed by using heated stone or herbal ball. It is effective to remove toxins and body waste. Shirodara is called the massage of the brain. This therapy is very effective to deeply relax your mind. Facial, Creambath and total care. It is an untimate healing to escape the daily physical and mental stresses of everyday life.

    Package included treatment :
    (5 min) Foot Wast
    (90 min) Abhyanga Massage
    (30 min) Warm Stone Massage or Herbal Ball Massage
    (25 min) Shirodara
    (60 min) Lift Up Facial
    (60 min) Creambath
    (30 min) Flower Bath or Organic Herbal Bath with Shower
    Meal & Drink & Gift

  • Slimming In Detox (4 Hours)
    Package Price 147.00 USD/person Book Now

    This package treatment has a slimming effect. It also relaxes and refreshes your body and mind. A strong pressure massage uses slimming oil, concentrating on waist, hip line and legs that is excellent for removing stored impurities from body. It involves a special care combining Indonesian's ancient natural herb remedy including Balinese Boreh mask and herbal bath will help you remove toxins and body waste.

    Package included treatment :
    (5 min) Foot Wast
    (5 min) Body Wast
    (90 min) Slimming Massage with Jamu
    (30 min) Warm Stone Massage
    (30 min) Balinese Boreh Mask or Chocolate Body Scrub or Slimming Hot Gel Mask
    (60 min) Anti-Aging Facial
    (30 min) Flower Milk Bath or Organic Herbal Bath
    Meal & Drink & Gift

  • Villa Special Treatment (5,5 Hours)
    Package Price 160.00 USD/person Book Now

    Enjoy treatment using ingredients made of coconut that is called "The Tree of Life" Kunthis Bali special treatment performed in a completely private treatment room. Shirodara, a representative technique of the Ayurveda and total body care including facial and cream bath will soothe your stressed skin. Introducing Ratus, a traditional treatment for women.

    Package included treatment :
    (5 min) Foot Wash
    (5 min) Body Wash
    (90 min) Aromatherapy Massage
    (25 min) Home made Body Scrub
    (25 min) Home made Body Mask
    (25 min) Shirodara
    (60 min) Lift up Facial
    (60 min) Creambath
    (30 min) Flower Milk bath with Shower
    (15 min) Foot Massage (Male) or Ratus (Female)
    Meal & Drink & Gift

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