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  • Sakura Treatment - Foot Massage (60 Minutes)
    Package Price 29.00 USD/person Book Now

    Foot massage is a kind of massage that focus to applying pressure to specific points of the foot to reconnect the energy pathways throughout the body and to revive tired feet and help you relax. This energy exchange freshness the blood supply and has a soothing effect on the nervous system.

  • Sakura Treatment - Balinese Massage (60 Minutes)
    Package Price 39.00 USD/person Book Now

    Balinese massage is one of the traditional Indonesian full body massage with essential oils tha utilize a combination of techniques, including massage, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy into one sesion. This treatment is used for relaxation and refreshes body and help lossen muscles and improve blood circulation.

  • Sakura Treatment - Hot Stone Massage (90 Minutes)
    Package Price 55.00 USD/person Book Now

    Hot stone massage is a form of massage therapy that uses specialized volcanic stones. These stones hold warm, helping to create a massage to work tight, knotted muscles, release tension and heal the body with their mineral content.

  • Sakura Treatment - Aromatherapy Massage (90 Minutes)
    Package Price 49.00 USD/person Book Now

    Aromatherapy massage is a massage which is performed with aromatic oils to eliminate stress for relaxing. There are five various of aromatherapy acailable at your choices.

  • Sakura Treatment - Sakura Shirodara (120 Minutes)
    Package Price 95.00 USD/person Book Now

    Shirodara is a relaxation treatment which is involves gently pouring liquids over our third eye, which is located in the forehead. Shirodara is designed to relax the body and use to treat a range of skin conditions, along with eye problems, eliminate stress, insomnia and etc. This treatment will be followed with hair creambath.

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